Ee'da is a spoken-word performance artist, a dancer, an arts educator and a musician. Her sound traverses hip-hop, soul, folk, reggae and electronica, bound together by a unique style resonating with vitality, passion and grace.

She sources her art mostly from personal experiences and transmutes adversity into artistic offerings to sooth the soul.

Her art has been performed on stages like the Arts Centre, United Nations Conference opening at the Exhibition Centre, the legendary Bowery Poetry Club NYC, National Day Celebrations in Aajmer, India, The Silveroom in Chicago, and the Federation Square in Australia.

She has presented her works on RRR and PBS, published her work on Rebelle Society. In 2012, at the Sydney Harmony International Short Film Festival, she earned the title of Most Original Concept for 'Fade to white', a spoken word piece discussing the disturbing practice of skin-bleaching among women of colour.

Ee'da has worked with a broad range of established musicians including Illuminati Congo(US), Cyclonious (UK), Hugo(AU), DJ Nomad(NZ), Mista Savona(AU) Caveman(JM) and has supported international acts such as Lyrics Born and Dead Prez. 

She is the Founder and Creative Director of Sisters for Sisters (SFS)a women’s arts and music collective that spearheads fundraising initiatives for worthy causes locally and abroad. Most recently, she was awarded the ‘Victoria’s Multicultural Awards for Excellence’ from the Government House for her engagement in community work.

She may wear many hats but Ee'da is driven by a singular passion – to live a purposeful life, living for the love of music, community, the arts and the simple power of expression.

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She might be small but boy, can she sing. The girl sounds as sweet as she looks.

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Ee’da has worked with a broad range range of community organizations such as Berry Street, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Fitzroy Learning Network, Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health, Maribyrnong Youth Services, New hope Foundation, Victoria University Aquatic Centre, Maribyrnong Council to bring wellbeing programs to youths, women and newly-arrived migrants.

She is the co-creator of the Embodied Voice – a program that fuses vocal and movement based practices to build confidence and nurture creativity.

Ee’da learned Odissi Ee’da learned Odissi dance by master-teacher Guru Padma Cheran Dehury from Shakti School of Dance in India and has performed in events such as United Nations Conference for Global Health, AFL Games at Etihad and MGM Stadium and in major festivals such as Rainbow Serpent, Island Vibe, Uplift Festival and Woodford Festival.

Ee'da is the Creative Director and founder of 'Sisters For Sister' (SFS). Since 2011, she has been leading a collective of culturally and linguistically diverse Melbourne-based female artists through SFS, to organise community arts events incorporating music, dance, theatre and visual arts to support, predominantly, women’s empowerment projects in Melbourne and overseas.

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